Bellatryx Lyme

A Young Woman's Journey Through Sickness & Health – Chronic Lyme Disease & Co-Infections


Hiiiyah everyone!

Being sick sucks. Let’s face it. If you’ve been sick since the day you were born you don’t even understand what living a normal, healthy life ever meant. If you’ve been sick for at least a year & then some, you also probably cannot comprehend of even imagine what normal used to feel like.

I’m here to tell you that having an injury, illness, or condition that affects your daily living, the very definition of being disabled, that there are ways in which you can benefit. And hey, it may or may not be better than being normal, but it is all we have.

I have applied for countless disability benefits 

And the list goes on…

As I polish these pages, keep in mind that I too am quite young by state & federal standards. It has been a very challenging,

The following pages are merely overviews & advice. Despite fighting my daily battles, I am still available to all those in need of a disability benefits  consultant, adviser & mentor. I did this all by myself; countless hours of reading, re-reading, writing, filling out applications, phone calls, e-mails, faxes, etc. It’s a full-time job being sick & it can wear you really thin.

Through it all, do yourself a favor & just remember…

…You lost every battle you quit.



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